Some improvements

I changed and added a few new things to the site.

I found the old solicitation summaries for Sojourn #36, Sojourn/Lady Death #2, and Negation War #4 and have added them to the site.

I also changed up the “Fun Facts & What Ifs” page:

-I created a separate page for “Connections to the Crossgen Universe” and included the other series issues that revealed that information.

-I also created a page called “What could have been….”. This page has all the what if plans. I added a few new things I learned. Sojourn was slated to end with issue 41. Ian Edginton had two years worth of stories when he joined. Tony Bedard really liked Mordath and had plans for him in “Negation War”. And if Ron Marz had stayed that he planned to have Gareth lead a new group of people and rebuild the Five Lands.



Author: sojournfansite

Sojourn's Official Number #1, decided by Ron Marz.

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