Creators of Sojourn


Ron Marz- The Writer for the Prequel issue and issues 1 through 24.

Ian Edginton- The Writer for issues 25 through 34.

Chuck Dixon- The co-writer for issue 34, he was responsible for writing the cliffhanger ending.


Greg Land- The Penciler for the Prequel issue and most of the issues between 1 and 33.

Sergio Cariello- The Penciler who took over for Greg Land starting in issue 34, the issue that became the final one.

Stuart Immonen- Guest Penciler for issue 7.

June Brigman- Guest Penciler for issue 12.

Aaron Lopresti- Guest Penciler for issue 17.

Luke Ross- Guest Penciler for issue 21.

Lewis LaRosa- Guest Penciler for pages 1–9, and 21-22 of issue 26.

Tom Derenick- Guest Penciler for pages 10–20 of issue 26.

Cliff Richards- Guest Penciler for issue 30.