“Mordath erupted from like a fiery storm from his tomb in the Mountains of Grinbor. He went before the Troll Council, where the Matriarchs hold sway over the squabbling clans, and silenced any challenges to his supremacy.”

The mountain region of Quin.


Grinbor is home to the Trolls of Quin. Until Mordath, the trolls lived in clans that were constantly warring. Just as 300 years before, he united them. They also dealt with racism from the other species who live in Quin.


Mordath’s Tomb is located here. When Ayden killed Mordath, the trolls took his body and hid him in a tomb in their mountains.


As is Mordath’s fortress He lit the flame up on the tower with his fire. It is high enough that no matter where someone is in the Five Lands, they can see it and remember his absolute rule. His first fortress was destroyed by Shiara.


Mordath decided to rebuild his fortress and make its tower even grander.

              The Governor of Grinbor is Kheera.