Issues of Sojourn

Sojourn Series

“From the Ashes” (Prequel-6)

“The Dragon’s Tale” (7-12)

“The Warrior’s Tale” (13-18)

“The Thief’s Tale” (19-24) 

“The Sorcerer’s Tale” (25-30)

“The Berserker’s Tale” (31-34)

Sojourn may have ending in a Cliffhanger can have some closure with the Fan Made, Unofficial Ending:

Story by Robert Taylor

Art by Stephen W. Hippleheuser

Sojourn #35 Online Comic       Sojourn #36 Online Comic

Original Scripts

Other publications that had Sojourn in it

forge1        forge2     forge3


Forge was a Compendia Series that collected Meridian, Negation, The Path, Crux, Sojourn, and Route #666.


Crossgen Illustrated 

This is a collection of art and facts about the worlds of the Crossgen universe by the creators.

Fun fact from Sojourn, Arwyn named her daughter after her grandmother. The elder Neera was a jewelry maker and made the necklace that Arwyn always wears.


Crossgen Wizard Special

This was a special addition in Wizard magazine giving details about Crossgen’s series and creators. It was a great introduction guide to the comics and provided 1st looks at new series.

Below are links to the articles pertaining to Sojourn in the magazine:

Eye Games

Rebellion! (page 1)

Rebellion! (page 2)


Wizard #118

Not only was Arwyn on the cover, but there was also a five page preview of the Prequel issue in it.

Below is the link to the article pertaining to Sojourn in the magazine before the five page preview of the Prequel:

Evil Intent