New Arwyn fan art has been added to the site.

If you have any artwork you’d like me to add, feel free to email me at sojourn_fan@yahoo.com



Update Time!

Some new goodies added to the site:

~New Arwyn Original Art.

~Two new Arwyn Fan Arts

~New Neven Fan Art.

~An Wizard Promo ad for Arwyn HeroClix.

Enjoy. 🙂



I’ve added a few new things to the site:

-New Arwyn Wallpaper has been added.

-Three new Arwyn custom creations have been added to the “Fan Creations” page.

Two are for cell phone covers and the other is a pillow.

All of these items can be bought on Amazon.com. Just search under “arwyn” to find them.


New Things Added

I added two new Arwyn wallpapers to the site. There is also a new Arwyn fan art. I added a pic of the Arwyn and Kreeg statue’s box to the Merchandise album.

I also posted a new page under the Merchandise & Promotional Materials page. It’s screenshots and pics of what Crossgen.com used to have posted about Sojourn on it before the company and site disappeared. You can see the original promo art for Arwyn, Mordath, Gareth, Kreeg, and Neven on that new page.

Finally there is a new Arwyn and Cassidy fan art, you can find it on the Fan Art Page, since Photobucket wouldn’t let me upload it there for some reason.

Enjoy. 🙂