On the issue pages, I added the advertised taglines for the comics. The following issues didn’t have a tagline, though were issues 11, 14, 23, 25, 27, 28, and 31.

For a time, Crossgen would publish fan asked questions in the back of their issues. Ron Marz answered two questions pertaining to Sojourn and I added those questions and answers to the “Fun Facts” page.


RIP Justin Ponsor

On May 18, 2019 Justin Ponsor lost his long battle with cancer. He took over as the main colorist for Sojourn with Issue #14. My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. After Crossgen folded, he followed Greg Land to Marvel Comics. He was highly acclaimed for his work. He was coloring Marvel’s “Avengers” series as he was receiving treatment.


Thank you Justin for helping bring Arwyn and her world to life with your amazing coloring skills. Rest in peace.


On this day, 15 years ago…

Fifteen years it was 2004 and on May 14th Barbara Kesel made the official announcement that Sojourn ended with issue #34 on Crossgen’s Message Boards:

“…as you may have guessed from last issue’s enigmatic ending, SOJOURN #34 was the last issue of the series that will be published for the time being. As is the case with many comics these days, while the audience for Sojourn was loyal and vocal, there were simply not enough readers to allow us to continue publication of this title in its current comics format. This decision was made after weighing our available resources, both creative and administrative, and determining that the quality of this series would likely suffer if we chose to continue it at this time. We thank you for following Arwyn’s journey this far, and we hope to return to her story sometime in the future.”

Obviously, it was shocking and upsetting news to many fans. It was still Crossgen’s best selling title. Later, it came out the reason for the cancellation wasn’t because of sales, but because there was no one left to write it. Crossgen’s internal problems were causing creators to leave and it wasn’t long before the rest of the series were cancelled and the Negation War was left on a cliffhanger. By the end of 2004 Crossgen had filed bankruptcy and Disney bought the properties.

Instead, of thinking of what could have been, I thought it was better to reflect on what did happen. Crossgen ultimately failed, but the company provided some great stories that are still loved today. They created my favorite series, a series my son enjoys. Fifteen years have passed since Sojourn’s final issue but people still know about Arwyn and her quest. The series is often named as a favorite when people reminiscence about Crossgen. On Deviantart especially, you can still find new fan art from time to time.

I want to give a special shout to karaokecowboy76. Over the years he has inspired artists to draw Arwyn. I might be Sojourn’s #1 Fan, but I definitely think he has more then earned the title of Arwyn’s #1 fan.

While I’ll  always wish for more Sojourn, I’m grateful for what we did get. Thank you Crossgen for the memories.  Thank you to the creators for bringing Arwyn and her story to life. Sojourn was definitely a special comic series.


Watch Sojourn on YouTube

Under the “Art & Merchandise” menu of the site, I added a link called “Sojourn Digital Comics”. YouTube user Javier Alan has added all the chapters of Sojourn’s digital comics onto his page. If you click the site’s link, you’ll find links to each chapter.

Mark Alessi said he wanted Crossgen to be like Coca Cola, available in many different forms. One way was for the comics to presented as Digital Comics.

Check out Javier Alan’s playlist to not just see Sojourn, but also to see the chapters for Negation, Scion, Way of the Rat, and Meridian.