Negation War #3 Pencils!

In the summer of 2004, Crossgen’s financial problems got too much and they had to cease all production of their comics, leaving many series (like Sojourn) with cliffhangers. The Negation War mini-series was supposed to be the big tie in event for the fans. Bringing all the series together and having an all out war. Issues #1 and 2 were released. Issue #3 was never released, however, now thanks to the hard work of Timothy Nesbitt, aka Nestlรฉ, you can now see all the pages. They were not colored or lettered, but it is here. Finally, after 16 years of speculation if the pages truly existed, here is proof they do.

Click on the link below to see all 22 pages of Negation War #3.


Negation War #3 Artwork

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I have added two new Arwyn artworks. One is an original art by Greg Land and another is an awesome Arwyn fan art by Michael Sterling Armstrong.

There is a new Sojourn poster that has been added. It was a print of Sojourn #1’s cover, with the creators signatures, that was given to retailers.

I also added a lot of fan created merchandise by Mery Moon of Arwyn. Items are available on

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I’ve added quite a few new goodies to the site. Two new Arwyn fan arts, one of her with Ivy Valentine. Lots of promo ads for Sojourn merchandise. Two ads for the Arwyn and Kreeg statue, ads for the Digital Comics, and ad Indy Hero Clix ad, a Comics on the Web ad, two ads for the Negation War, and an ad for Sojourn/Lady Death. I also uploaded pics of two t-shirts that Crossgen sold in the Crossgen Mall (online shop store), and a pic of a Sojourn poster that a comic shop once had.


Happy 20th Anniversary to Crossgen

In January 2000, Crossgen published its very first comic book. It was CrossGenesis #1 and it served as a preview to the Crossgen Universe and a launching pad for the first four series: Mystic, Sigil, Scion, and Meridian. If not for this one shot comic and the interest it sparked in people, Crossgen wouldn’t have taken off and Sojourn would never have existed.